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Even When He Says No

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

My two-year old grandson looked at me with his big brown eyes as he signed “please” by circling his hand on his chest. His mom and I had started teaching him some ASL (American Sign Language) signs nearly as soon as he was born. This time, I had to respond no, explaining that what he wanted was not for baby. He continued to circle his hand over his chest while he brought his other hand up and doubled-down on the circle of please! Adorbs overload!

Later that day, I chuckled over my grandson’s fervent request using ASL even as I acknowledge how hard it is to say no when he wants something so badly. Only because I know more than he does can I stick with my answer, despite the pleading.

This made me think about my requests to my Heavenly Father. When what I want seems so right surely it must be in God’s will. And if I hear no, I may wonder if there’s something I can do to help bring about the response I’m looking for from Him. Maybe if I use both hands to plead fervently, He will give it to me.

It's easy to acknowledge that I know more than my grandson and therefore can make wise decisions for him. But sometimes I forget that God knows more than me and His decisions are always wise and for my good. Even when God’s response is no, I can trust that every answer He has for me is one of perfect love and wisdom. I don’t need to continue pleading for my way because I believe Him when He tells me there is something far better for me than what I can see and understand in this moment.

“You’re a good, good Father…You are perfect in all of Yours ways…and I’m loved by you.” This is always true, even when He says no.

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